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Services available on the Farm


Custom Sawmill Work

Check Out Our
MRF Shop
for slabs and gifts
currently available!

Cutting Monday through Friday, weather permitting!

We can cut everything from 8ft or 16ft fence boards, to live slabs for your rustic look furniture project.

Various woods are available, such as

Oak, Poplar, Pine, Walnut, and Cherry. 


We have a Price List available for standard sizes.

If you are looking for a different board width, contact us today with your custom dimensions, and we will gladly get back to you with quote! 


Check out our gallery for photos of our recent jobs.


Firewood and Camp Fire Bundles

If you just need a little bundle for a night by the fire,

or a cord or two to get you through the winter,

we hope you think of us when you're ready to stock up!


We have great prices on our mixed hardwood firewood,

available year round. 

Quarter Cord Boxes - Self Serve:  $50/box

Campfire Bundles:  $5/each

(Call for Availability)

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