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The Crew


Mayberry Run Farms


Max ~ Owner/Operator  

Raised on the farm until he graduated at Westminster High School, Max served his country for 10 years in the Marine Corps as a Navigator on C-130's. During his service, he completed multiple tours to Afghanistan during the Enduring Freedom Campaign. 

Once he came home, he spent well over the next 10 years in the car business. As fun as that career can be, nothing beats working right from home.

Which brings us to now.  Max is having a blast getting to put the good ole equipment to work, while providing locals with quality rough cut green lumber.


In his spare time, you can find him in his knife shop creating beautiful knives. And if he's  not there, he's most likely in one of our critter pens playing with a little one!


Lisa ~ Co-Owner

Married to Max, Lisa can be found throughout the farms, busy with anything from organizing our orders of lumber, to playing with critters.


Growing up with a Dad in the construction business, she is quite handy with answering questions regarding our wood when Max is busy on the mill! 

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